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Travel the world with help from Adventures Planned

Travel more easily and more often by having your own personal travel planner research and design your itinerary based on your travel style and budget.

Escape the ordinary with custom travel planning from Adventures Planned.

We guarantee every trip will be unique and unforgettable.

Do you love travel but find you don’t do it anywhere near as often as you would like because you never have time to plan it?

There are no off the shelf itineraries, and I am not motivated by kickbacks from travel companies!

I am only motivated by what plans will create the happiest memories for you and your travel companions.

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Why a Personal Travel Planner

So why should you engage me for your travel planning? There are a few simple reasons....

Save Money

Travel agents work on commission and are extensively trained in sales to sell products at the highest tolerable price above wholesale rates. This means you may be charged a totally different price to another customer for the same tour, flight, or accommodation, simply dependent on how much an agent thinks you will pay.

My services are charged as a daily fee but the overall trip savings from finding direct options and eliminating commissions can save your budget considerably.

Save Time

Some people hate the admin and research that goes into making travel a reality, or simply don’t have time to make it happen. It can be tedious to pull all the pieces together particularly for longer duration travel, multi-destinations or places that are new to you.

Eliminate all the planning hassles giving you the freedom to simply make your bookings and get packed ready to go. Start travelling more often and more easily!

More Options

Adventures Planned will research all the options for your trip because we are completely independent. Agents work for commissions to sell certain products so you may not be getting the best company or product to suit your travel needs because they are trying to reach a sales target to get a free trip or higher commission!

All of my recommendations come from personal experience and detailed research. I ensure you have an awesome trip with an itinerary that lets you stay, eat, discover and fly the way that suits you.

Discount airlines are no trouble, luxury villas not found in travel agent brochures are no problem, or perhaps you want to experience a place with your own local guide instead of a large tour bus.

Services - what’s included

Adventures Planned travel planning service includes:

  • 30-minute online consult (after completion of client travel questionnaire)
  • Extensive research to design you the most memorable trip
  • Beautiful customised travel itinerary with bookable links (online and offline)
  • Ready to Travel Itinerary (if bookings are provided by client at least 10 days prior to departure)




Loads of airfare research to find the best option. Depending on your travel requests I consider price, most direct routing, time of departures/arrivals, safety, airline reputation and any frequent flier or lounge memberships. A minimum of two flight options provided (where route allows)

This could include car or other vehicle rentals, ferries, airport transfers, trains and buses etc. You name it we can try and research the options for you.

Places to Stay

Tours and


Completely unique to your style and budget. Whether it be all-inclusive luxury resorts, private bungalows, airbnbs with a kitchen, or a hotel centrally located to all the attractions.

Two accommodation options provided per stop.

I have fun matching up your personal travel style with your destination. From mainstream to completely unique I find the cool places to visit or things to do. Whether this is active outdoor adventures, culture and arts, family friendly or foodie experiences - I find what matters to your trip.

Visas, Travel


Travel Insurance

For Australian clients only. I will provide DFAT links and visa information for your destination/s along with any medical recommendations if required. Travel insurance quote or recommendation to keep you and your travel companions covered when traveling.



In addition to personalised planning and information you will also receive your itinerary in an app that allows you to directly access loads of general destination information and city guides. Access this on the go once you arrive!


I charge a service fee for the number of travel days for your trip.

By charging a service fee rather than commission I ensure you receive all the options available at the best prices.

A $75 commencement fee (non-refundable) starts the process and includes your 30-minute online consult and assessment of your travel questionnaire. This is an obligation free consult where we e-meet and I find out more about your trip.

To continue you will receive an invoice for services to be paid in full prior to the completion of travel planning.

The $75 commencement fee is taken off your final balance.



Full Service $70 AUD per travel day

Ground Only (no flights) $50 AUD per travel day

DOMESTIC (Australia)

Full Service $55 AUD per travel day

Ground Only $40 AUD per travel day

Note: Full service available to Australian clients;

ground only is available to all clients

Get Started

Travelling for more than 18 days - contact me for an extended trip rate.

Pricing based on up to 5 passengers.

Travelling as a group? Please get in touch for a quote.

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What’s not Included

The CLIENT is responsible for making the travel bookings.

I do all of the research and planning to assist you to book your own trip removing hours and hours of work. The easiest way to book and get great deals for your travel is definitely online - often direct with suppliers. Online bookings cut out commissions and keep you in total control of your booking.

The itinerary will have links so you can instantly click and book with your preferred payment method.

There are a number of reasons I don’t do the travel bookings for you:

  • Lower prices – no middle person means you book at the best price available online or direct.
  • It keeps you in complete control of costs, payments and the flexibility to adjust your itinerary as you need meaning more flexible travel once you depart.

I recommend booking as soon as possible following the itinerary being sent to you as travel prices and availability fluctuate constantly.

Trip Support

Unfortunately, there is only one of me and I cannot provide a 24/7 concierge service for your trip.

Having made your own bookings, you will have total control over any required amendments. The vast majority of changes can be done online or direct with suppliers with minimal hassle and you won’t waste precious travel time waiting on responses from back home.

The Process

  1. Complete your Adventures Planned - Traveller Questionnaire and pay the $75 commencement fee
  2. Travel Planning Session – an online call to work through any questions or important detail that you want to share prior to me starting
  3. Research and Preparation of your Detailed Trip Proposal - loaded online into your own personalised app and/or printable PDF
  4. Bookings (You)
  5. Receive your updated itinerary on app and PDF
  6. Show up with your personal travel itinerary on your phone and enjoy your trip.
  7. Feedback – I would love to hear how your trip went and any feedback

About Me

Just a little more info about me and my travel background.

Hi, I am Karen

I have worked in high performance sport for the past 20 years but also have a long involvement with travel as a qualified travel agent with one of Australia’s big agencies, and through my family travel blog, Big Adventures for Little Feet.

I also managed group travel arrangements for Australian National sporting teams for a long period of time.

My travel style is active and outdoorsy as I love hiking, spending time on the water, and exploring natural wonders. I also get excited discovering a beautiful city or village and finding delicious new foods.

I have travelled to 30+ countries and get inspired from your trips to add to my list of new places to visit!

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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